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Episode 28: Tips for "Doing Your Own Research" on a Topic

February 15, 2022
VO2 Max Podcast
Episode 28: Tips for "Doing Your Own Research" on a Topic
Show Notes

In this episode, I discuss a few of my top tips when "doing your own research", or as I would rather it be referred to, "gathering your own information". Navigating the world of information and misinformation can be very difficult with everyone out there claiming to be an expert. Who should you turn to for reliable and accurate information? Where can you go to gather your own information in order to help you form better conclusions on a topic? Who can you trust for good information? How can you potentially spot misinformation? These questions form the basis of today's episode and I will hopefully help you answer these questions for yourself so that you can be better prepared to gather unbiased and accurate information that ultimately helps you form more informed conclusions on a topic you are interested in learning about. 

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