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Episode 31: Current Evidence on Exercise-Associated Muscle Cramping

January 01, 2023 Ryan Eckert, MS, CSCS
VO2 Max Podcast
Episode 31: Current Evidence on Exercise-Associated Muscle Cramping
Show Notes

In this episode, I discuss the most current research as it relates to exercise-associated muscle cramping, or simply cramping during exercise. Cramping during exercise is a very often misunderstood topic and one fraught with misinformation. My goal with this episode is to dispel some common misbeliefs surrounding muscle cramping during exercise, provide an overview of the progression of proposed theories attempting to explain muscle cramping during exercise, and the best prevention approach for muscle cramping during exercise based on the most current research evidence we have. In this episode, I reference a figure and a checklist. Both of these items can be found within the link below and also within the reference cited below.

Muscle Cramping During Exercise: What Does the Latest Evidence Say Regarding the Cause and Treatment of Cramping?:

1. Miller KC, McDermott BP, Yeargin SW, Fiol A, Schwellnus MP. An Evidence-Based Review of the Pathophysiology, Treatment, and Prevention of Exercise-Associated Muscle Cramps. Journal of Athletic Training. 2022 Jan;57(1):5-15.

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